Client Feedback

Hello Daniel

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors of the nonprofit Institute of Consumer Financial Education (ICFE) we extend our congratulations and our gratitude to you and your firm for the professional approach and development of the Institute's Web site and On-line Resource Center.

Not every Web designer is suited to work with nonprofit groups because of limited funding and often slow, but methodical, committee like approach to decision making. The sites you have developed for the Institute and our Resource Center have functioned smoothly and the comments we have received from both users and critics is that the sites load fast, are easy to navigate and the information is presented in visual pleasing format.

The service provided by the Internet Objectives staff is unequaled. Our numerous requests for a "quick edit" or the fast track link placement are always answered by your staff in a positive manner with their usual sense of urgency, to get it done right away.

The help and direction made available to our staff with regards to marketing and search engine placements of the ICFE's sites has been invaluable.

This letter is intended as an unqualified endorsement of Internet Objectives as a Web site design and development organization.

Respectfully yours;

Paul S. Richard, ICFE Executive Director
San Diego, CA


Rachel Lazarus
Gypsy Bís Costumes

June 6, 2001

Daniel at Internet Objectives is incredible to work with. Our web site was up and running on schedule and within our budget (which was ridiculously modest). Not only was Daniel fun to work with, but his professional manner and immediate response to our needs and changes made this project a breeze to finish. He worked with our wacky ideas and was able to build a web site that fit our needs and the image of our company, and he built the site in a way that will enable our capabilities to grow with the least amount of pain and expense.

Daniel is also a master at search engine utility. Our site is currently listed in the number one position on both the Yahoo! and Google search engines. We received our first order ($800 worth of product) one month after being up and running, with no advertisement on our part.

I would recommend Daniel and Internet Objectives to anyone interested in having a great, easy to maintain, professional web site.


Rachel Lazarus
Princess B


April 2001

I have nothing but good things to say about our webmaster, Daniel Hughes. I was a lowly bellydancer and costumer, knowing nothing about computers, when my partner suggested an internet site to sell our handmade costumes.

Daniel listened to our ideas, got to know our personalities, our families, our fantasies, our art, indeed our very lives, and created a website that was so much US, so much more than we'd expected! He has become as much a part of the site as we are.

He has polished our ideas and pitched in with his own humor and creativity to help make a collaborative little piece of performance art. He is dependable, always available, welcomes input, and manages to be both professional in his work and a really fun guy to be with at the same time.

If you want your website to be more than a (yawn) inventory list with pictures, Daniel is the man I'd recommend. Please feel free to contact me.

Laura Sutherland